Energy Exchange


The energy exchange program is the place to be for becoming actively involved in Modo Yoga Danforth.  The energy exchange involves a little elbow grease, and in return we give the gift of sweat.  4 hours of cleaning prowess per week in exchange for unlimited yoga classes, as well as special perks for the duration of your time here.  If you have talents or skills other than cleaning that you think would interest us, please fill out the application and make specific mention of them. 

Our energy exchangers have the title of Ambassador.  Ambassadors are representatives of our community, a community that is supported by and thrives by Modo’s 7 pillars (be healthy, be accessible, live green, community support, reach out, live to learn & be peace).     

So basically…

As an Ambassador at MYD, you will take it upon yourself to make the studio’s and student’s well being a matter of your personal care.  We as teachers, students, staff and fellow Ambassadors salute you, and commit your efforts to the practice.  See you in the Hot Room 🙂 

Online application